Green Glyphs Tarot, Runes, Oracle & Lenormand

Created by James R. Eads

A collection of four divination decks by James R. Eads

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Begins and a Few Updates
about 2 months ago – Tue, Dec 13, 2022 at 09:52:47 PM

Hi! I wanted to let you know that all files have been sent in and production has begun!! 

I had a new sample of the carrying case made, the dividers are a really nice addition. I also increased the length a bit so it's easy to get your fingers in there to take the decks out/you can also store the dice in the case if you wish! 

Also, here's a cool video of the pendulum in 3D:

There are still 300 backers who haven't responded to the Backerkit email to fill out shipping addresses - if you haven't filled out your survey please do so! If you need to access your survey to make any changes or add on items you can always enter your email at the link below:

Access Your Pledge Here

Now that we're in the production phase it will be a little quiet, so this will probably be the last update for the year. 

If you need to get in touch about anything you can always reach us by email at, we will also check messages here every week. 

I hope you all have a wonderful end of the year and thank you again for being here, I can't wait for the whole collection to come together and for you to experience it in person.

Happy Holidays,


Surveys are Out!!
2 months ago – Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 02:21:34 AM

I know I said last week, but by last week... I meant this week :) sorry things got a bit delayed with the holiday

Pledge surveys are now out! Check your email :)

You can also access your pledge at any time with this link. You can edit your add-ons, your payment info, and your shipping address until we lock orders (which will likely be in April):

Surveys are mandatory, this is where we get your shipping info so we can send you all your goodies! If you know you are moving but don't know where yet I would recommend putting in your current address. You will be able to edit your address up until a month before we ship. 

You'll notice there are a LOT more add-ons available (like Prisma Visions and the rest of the family)- we had a lot of requests to add these on and so we obliged. Keep in mind anything that you add to your pledge will not ship until we ship your pledge (est. June/July 2023). If you are in a rush make sure you place your order through our website instead. We just extended our Black Friday sale through tomorrow- We're currently offering 30% off + free shipping for $75 and up!

Didn't get a survey?

Check the email address that you use to login to kickstarter - check your spam - it will be an email from Backerkit, something like If you logged into kickstarter with your Apple ID we are unable to send surveys there, please message us here or email so we can help you out with that!

The sooner you can fill out your info the sooner we can get an accurate count and submit files for production. 

Thank you again, I'm so so so excited to assemble this collection and share it with everyone and I couldn't have done that without all of you. 



Heads up! Surveys next week
2 months ago – Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 03:05:58 AM

Hi Everyone!

Kickstarter has just finished processing payments and we are working on the final touches to the Backerkit* surveys before they are sent out. There were 100+ people with failed payments, if this was you ~don't worry~ you will still have another chance to process your payment via Backerkit. 

The surveys are mandatory - this is where we get your shipping information! If you don't answer the survey we will be unable to ship your rewards!

Surveys will be sent out via your email on file with Kickstarter. The surveys will come from Backerkit, so please keep a look out for that email around next week. I will send out another update once all the surveys have been sent out. 

Important: If you used your apple-ID to login to kickstarter we will be unable to send you a survey. If you need help changing or adding an email you can contact us at

*If you are unfamiliar- Backerkit is a 3rd party pledge manager and fulfillment service. We use backerkit to collect shipping information, add-on information, and any missed payments from the campaign. 

Green Glyphs Meets the World!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2022 at 05:08:22 PM

First, a big THANK YOU to each one of you. The Green Glyphs Collection was funded today by 2,310 backers!

Whether you've been here since the first Kickstarter I launched in 2013 or this is your first time joining, I appreciate you deeply. I wouldn't be able to bring these magical creations to life without you.

It makes me so excited for future endeavors and sharing them with such an uplifting community.  

So what's next?

Kickstarter takes about 2 weeks to process everyone's payments. During this time we will be setting up the Backerkit pledge manager. Backerkit is what we will use to collect your shipping info and any add-on items you may have added. Your survey will be sent via the email you used to login to Kickstarter. Important: If you logged in with an Apple ID please update your login info to an email address, we cannot send surveys to Apple IDs.

I will send out an update once surveys have been sent out as a reminder to check your email! It is extremely important to fill out your survey, this is where we collect your address so we know where to ship to. Without that, well, we can't do much with your pledge.

In the meantime, I am going to start getting everything ready to head into production ASAP so we can keep our schedule!

Thank you again, I'm so excited for Green Glyphs to meet the world. 

<3 James

The Final 48 Hours!
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 01, 2022 at 06:25:46 AM

We're in the final 48 hours of the campaign! I'm so happy with all of the cool things that have evolved over this month, and so grateful to all of you. You helped make this project into something greater than I expected.

In case you missed it - we've unlocked several stretch goals that are included for free with all Box Sets! 

The box set now includes the following stretch goals: Free Rune Dice, a Free Screenprint of the Oracle card "Enoki", the Set the Stage card holder, 9 extra rune cards and a pendulum!

What happens next?

Once the project closes on Wednesday, pledges will be locked and cards will start being charged. Kickstarter takes a few weeks to process payments. During this time we will be setting up the pledge manager with Backerkit. We use Backerkit for fulfillment. In mid-November you will get an email from Backerkit asking for your shipping info. You must fill this out or we cannot ship your items to you when the time comes! This is also where you will be able to add on any other items you may have been on the fence about. If you're having issues adding items to your pledge (it seems to be an issue for early bird backers) then you can add them in Backerkit. 

I'll be sending out an update once the Backerkit emails have been sent out so you can be on the look out. 

Please note: if you used your Apple ID to create your kickstarter account you will need to update it to an email address. We are unable to send shipping surveys to Apple IDs. 

Below you'll find the schedule for production and shipping. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and bumps in the road are bound to happen. I'll try my best to keep you updated as we progress!

Thank you again,